Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trigo Fire

They almost had it out. It was under control as of yesterday, and they thought they'd beaten it.

But then the wind came up this afternoon...and whoosh!

It is burning on the ridgeline of Capilla Peak and threatens the UNM Observatory.
Three towns are under evacuation orders: Tajique, Manzano and Torreon.

Here is what the smoke looked like above the Manzanos. The picture was taken by Bruce's colleague at Sandia, from a window in their office building. From there, it is about 50 miles south to Manzano.

I saw it as I got off the freeway at Tramway this afternoon.

I have heard this fire was caused by a couple of irresponsible turkey hunters. It burned all last week, and over the weekend. The winds died down Sunday, and by Tuesday they almost had it licked.


Such a sad little word.

They expect it to burn 6,000 acres by morning.

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denise said...

Ouch. I guess it is that time of year again, but it seems so early. It doesn't seem that there is anything "normal" anymore with weather and averages and patterns, though, so I suppose there is no "season" for anything anymore.