Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ready for Tomorrow!

I went with the big signs and lots of red, white and blue!
The Engineering Geek went for smaller signs. He may be wiser as we will be holding them up for approximately three hours!
The Boychick is the only one of the three of us who got his picture making signs on the Albuquerque Tea Party website. (He's in one of pictures sitting at the head of the table wearing a white jacket. In another, you see his face as he is standing). He did not bring any signs home, he is going to pick one up there. Or he will wave the flag.
Now, as we put the signs on the pickets, we are rocking out to the Tea Party Song by Lloyd Marcus. Enjoy!


Melora said...

Nice signs. Particularly the "No Taxation without Deliberation" and "Liberty not Debt" ones. But as you say, they will become heavy long before 3 hours have passed. I hope you have a great time and get lots more good publicity!

ChristineMM said...

Let us know how the tea party goes.

Good job on the signs!

Amie said...

I like your signs! Ours were rush jobs this morning.

ChristineMM said...

Hi Elisheva,
Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Two things unrelated to this post.

First the comment about the brain dominance or learning style. Can you clarify? Are you saying that to discuss learning preferences or natural tendencies is okay with semantics like visual spatial learner? But that you don't like the other term 'right brained learner' as the neuro science is not in line with calling it that?

I personally am more in the middle and can shift my behaviors when necessary, such as natural tendency to have a messy desk and do all the 'right brain' traits at home but when I worked due to wanting to be professional and to not have my work ethic negatively affected I worked at keeping my desk spotless, filed vertically a la the left brain preferred way etc. I can also shift my preferred learning modality as necessary such as prefer to learn by reading but when school and college required learning by lecture (auditory input) I just dealt with it.

Second today Jan Hunt left a comment on my blog post about the parenting thing I blogged two days ago. You said you stuck up for kids in public in the past. Jan is looking for real stories to include in a new book she is writing on that very topics. Please consider submitting your stories! (See my blog comment for her contact info.)

And BTW I do consider you a cyber buddy too and if I'm ever in NM and we can meet face to face I'd love that. I have never been to NM.

Have a great day.