Friday, May 15, 2009

Ahhhh! (Blogger Withdrawal)

Since I blogged last:
1) I finished a paper entitled: Evidence for two different visual processing theories in ASD: A comparison of neuroimaging analysis (It took forever, because I am clearly a novice at this! I took the class in order to be able to tell how good the claims are for neuroimaging studies. I'm not sure I should say this, but . . . there's a lot of crap out there. I suffered but I learned a good deal).

2) I finished a paper entitled: Seeing the trees before the forest: the structure of visual intelligence in ASD (This was for my readings course. It was more within my knowledge base and more fun to write. I learned a lot with this one, too. Even if it wasn't painful and I could smile sometimes while writing).

3)The Boychick got his Blue Belt with a stripe, wrote a paper, and took his finals. Today, he slept until 10 A.M. and then we went into town to turn in that last paper and spent three hours at Borders. I read an entire mystery novel. Light reading is so nice!

4) I became the Mother of the Revolution in New Mexico. (I'll explain that one . . . someday. Relax, Mark. It's all in good fun).

5) I seriously neglected my blog. I am behind on comments, and lost one of them somehow--sorry again! I probably have it in my overflowing personal inbox. Which I will get to . . .
(But I did discover that I am the only person that gets excited about F.A. Hayek. Ah, well. I did marry a geek. Does that mean I am one?)

But that's a serious question, not one that is appropriate for an end-of-the-semester Friday when all the papers are turned in, and there are no more hanging over my head until August!

Right now . . .

it's Guiness time!


The foam is the best part.

Have a great weekend!


Connie said...

Glad you can relax now. My classes (summer term) are starting next week, so I've been frantically creating my website pages for my two online classes.

christinemm said...

Glad you can relax now!

Welcome back!

Mark said...

Congrats to the Boychick and your finished papers!