Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Sabbatical Year of Marriage

On Monday, June 8, the Engineering Geek and I marked our seventh marriage anniversary.
This year, then, is our Sabbatical year of marriage.

Since the Boychick is at BSA camp this week, we took the opportunity to go out alone together to a very good Greek place, and we splurged on a bottle of wine and dessert as well, since we could linger over our dinner.

We held hands at the table and shared our memories of the wedding and our honeymoon trip to Alaska. We still feel like teenagers in love, but we're old enough to really appreciate it.

Signing the Ketubah:
A Jewish wedding is legal when the Ketubah--the marriage contract--is signed. Ours is traditional, but has also a more contemporary paragraph.

I am already veiled--the bedecken--the veiling ceremony occurred when the EG was led into the chapel where I was was seated, waiting for him to see me for the first time that day.

Under the Chuppah, with our family, bridesmaids and groomsmen around.
The wedding ceremony itself is called
Kiddushin--holiness--for the covenant
of marriage takes us back to Eden.
The Bimah is decorated with greenery
for Shavuot, which occured the day prior.
Shavuot--the Feast of Weeks--when
the Eternal solemnized the Covenant of Sinai,
and the Mountain was our Chuppah.
Now we are in our Sabbatical Year, a time to count the harvest, share it freely, and rejoice in newly creating our covenant.


Mark said...

Mazel tov on seven years of wedded bliss! And who is the cute blonde standing underneath the chuppah next to you? :-)

Luke said...

Happy Anniversary!


christinemm said...

Happy Anniversary!

Love you in the veil!

My husband and I honeymooned in Alaska too...

Retriever said...

Happy Anniversary! And many blessings going forward, too.

Crimson Wife said...

A bit late, but mazel tov!