Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Siete


While we were completing the move of our furniture down to Ragamuffin Ranch, admidst the multiple trips back and forth, Lucy the Longhorn kicked her heifer off and disappeared. On Wednesday evening the 16th, I drove down to the ranch, and on Thursday morning as I prepared to drive the truck back up with the Engineering Geek, I noticed that Lucy was not with the herd. She had been looking wide across the hips for the past weeks, and I suspected that she was off calving. The CIT called Thursday night to tell us that he had seen Lucy come to the stock tank to drink and then hurry off again. He thought she was hiding a calf. Later he called to tell us he saw her with the calf near the dirt tank, but Lucy was in no mood to let him get close--she had a little male. For the first week or so, we saw little of Lucy and less of the calf, but lately he has been gamboling along with herd, trying to graze, playing, and checking out this new world of Ragamuffin Ranch. We call him Siete, because after Chuckwagon went from steer to meat, we had six cattle, making Siete the 7th again.

Not at all camera shy, Siete looks toward me from across the fence, trying to puzzle out what this strange person is doing. Mamma Lucy was less pleased, and I used the telephoto lens.

During the mid-afternoon the cattle settle in to chew their cuds after grazing all morning and getting a drink at the nearby stock tank. Siete rests too, here under the watchful eye of his sister, the heifer Blanche (not pictured). Blanche got up and faced me, her half-Brahma features looking remarkably fierce and she stared me and the camera down.

Here, Siete is checking out something of interest to a little boy calf under the juniper, while his mama grazes on the ditch bank. Occasionally he does escape his mother's attention . . .

. . . Siete hurries to near where she is, and when she is close enough, he allows himself to be distracted by his world again.

He's the only baby now, but very soon he will be joined a few others. Freckles is positively lumbering, so great with calf is she, and LB will be calving soon after her.

Spring is coming to Ragamuffin Ranch and so are the baby calves.


Anonymous said...

What an enjoyable post. When you can, please bring us up-to-date about Freckles and LB birthing.

Also, when appropriate, let us know how the CIT is doing.

I like your top-of-blog photo. Is the building at lower left Ragamuffin Ranch?


btw, I'm anonymous mainly because somehow google is screwed up and if I use my google id I won't be able to comment, ever, on this post.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

L--google is indeed screwed up, I will grant you that!

The other two babies were born about a week apart in March, and I have a photo of all three, one of the Mamas and the proud papa on my FB. I will get it up here eventually!

Most of the picture is Ragamuffin Ranch--the building is the log cabin. Out of the picture on the left would be the barn, the gardens and the house.

I am late posting this week, but I plead workmen coming to the house to give us estimates, painting to do, and other chores we have been trying to finish before the EG's surgery tomorrow.