Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grandma Madge: Time Stand Still!

With all of the happy news in our family, you'd think we'd be complete.
But now there is a new member of the extended clan,
and Aunt Madge, of Camp Aunt Madge fame, has become Grandma Madge.

My nephew and his wife announced the arrival of their daughter, Lily Marie, during the week of Hannukah. Here she is, on her birthday, being held by a very pleased Grandma Madge!

This makes my mother a great grandmother, and me a great aunt! Hmmm. Madge doesn't really look like a grandma . . .

We're too young for these extended titles.
I thought Mother of the Bride (MOB), my new working title, quite mature enough.

My, but the wheel of the years seems to be turning faster and faster. Tomorrow I will enter the tail-end of the fifth decade of my life. Whoa, girl! What's the hurry? "Freeze this moment a little bit longer . . ."

"I let my skin get too thin
I'd like to pause,
No matter what I pretend
Like some pilgrim --Who learns to transcend
--Learns to live
As if each step was the end . . .

"Summer's going fast, night's are growing colder,
Children growing up, old friends growing older . . .
Experience slips away,
Experience slips away . . .

"Freeze this moment a little bit longer,
Make each sensation a little bit stronger,
Experience slips away . . .
The innocence slips away . . ."
Rush, Hold Your Fire


Kathie said...

I've been following your blog for a little while and value your view. Your new post quotes "Rush/Hold Your Fire"
My quote is "Sinatra/Don't Wait too Long" -- same sentiment.

I recently posted this song (below) on my website with photos of my "summer" daughter and I (winter). The words -- intended for Sinatra's May/December relationship at the time - aptly fits my wanting to slow time down as I enjoy my family. BTW: My youngest just got engaged to be married also (September, 09. Also: Congratulations re the new baby. I will soon be "great" myself! 7/1

Here are my yearning words:

You are the summer and I am the autumn
Don’t wait too long
Your song’s beginning
While mine’s nearly sung
Don’t wait too long

Fall is a lovely time of the year
When leaves turn to golden brown
But soon fall is ending and
Winter is near and the leaves
Start tumblin’ down

Why must the moments go by in such haste
Don’t wait too long
Winter is coming I’ve no time to waste
Don’t wait too long

So while my heart’s gay and foolish and free
and still can sing its song
Share every precious moment with me
Don’t you wait too long.

Nice to meet you. :-)


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi, Kathie!

Thanks for taking a moment to share the Sinatra song with me! I am going to have to find and download it.
Can you believe how fast your life has gone thus far? I am still in shock. I don't feel any older!

Melora said...

Happy Birthday!

Just read the last post as well, and your daughter and her KE are a lovely couple! And their wedding plans sound very civilized. That engagement ring is pretty spectacular!

Crimson Wife said...

Mazel tov to your nephew and his wife!

It took a while for my parents to get used to the idea of being grandparents too. The funny thing is that when my oldest was a baby and we'd go somewhere with them, everyone would assume that she was their daughter and I was the teen big sister. Nobody could believe that they were in their early fifties and I was in my mid-twenties.