Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Third Storm

After almost a month of sunshine and two weeks of really warm weather, three storms blew in over the past few days. The first dropped about an inch of very wet snow on Sunday afternoon, but it blew through in a few hours, and caused no incovenience. Then it snowed lightly Monday morning.
We were warned that the big storm was coming in Monday night, but it wasn't until 7 AM Tuesday morning, when I took Lily out for our (sadly) solo walk, it started snowing and the rapidly accumulating snow was blowing over the roads. Given that Zoey needs her meds every few hours, I did not want to get stranded in town, so I stayed home all day.

A break in the storm in forenoon gave me
the chance to take the dogs out for a break.
This is a rare picture of the northeast side
of the house. It is sheltered by the trees,and so
was a good spot for Zoey to walk gently.

Just as we were coming inside for lunch,
another wave blew over Cedro Peak,
blurring the far horizon, and making
our world seem smaller, darker and colder.

It snowed off and on, as waves of clouds came over the mountains from the south.
The sun would appear, only to be obscured
by clouds that were dark and blue,
and thunderstorm-like.

Towards sunset, the last of the clouds
tumbled over the Sandia Mountain Front,
and towered, thunderheads, high into the
evening sky, hiding the sunset.

As night deepened, it became blustery as broken clouds scudded across the full moon, and temperature dropped rapidly.

A cold morning is coming on.

Today, New Mexico-like, the temperature should swing from a low of 15 degrees to a high of 50.


christinemm said...

Nice post and photos.

How much snow constitutes a big storm in New Mexico? It looks like two inches or less. Just wondering as New Mexico is so different than New England.

Judy Aron said...

You have won an award!