Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Wildflowers


Time for more of the One Hundred Species Challenge. I really wonder how long this will take me!

42. Blazing Star: Mentzilia multiflora var. multiflora. This is in Loasa family, It is a desert plant, and likes sandy soil and loess.

43. Desert Heliotrope: Heliotropum curassavicum
This plant also likes salty soil, sands and fines.
It is part of the Borage family, and ranchers like
the family because most of the plants
are good for grazing.

44. Miner's Torch (Mullein): Verbascum thapsis. This plant
is mildly poisonous, but is used extensively in the herbal healing arts. It is found where soil has been disturbed, and the yellow flowers have a very sweet smell and attact bees and flies.

The late summer flowers are now blooming and I will have to see what I did not have here last year!

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