Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Fourth Storm: Snow Upon Snow


Yes, I skipped Nearly Wordless Wednesday, because I was waiting for today, and the Fourth Pacific Storm to post what I knew would some new snow pictures. So without further ado . . .

After the third storm, we had some clear weather, but cold. Gold and Blue joined the gray and white colors outside Ragamuffin House . . .

Snow lingered on the trees,
and like deep frosting on the
stump--the roads were cleared
courtesy of graders and tractors,
----not by melting!

Yesterday afternoon, meteorologists on all media
said that the fourth storm had intensified--
that it would be slower, with more precipitation,
and colder than earlier predictions indicated.
This morning--here it is.
Schools in the East Mountains closed.
The Engineering Geek stayed home from work.
They say it will get worse this afternoon and evening.

Falling steadily this morning,
snow upon snow,
making for a slow, slippery,
unpredictable morning walk.

So far about four inches on top
of the remaining five inches or so
on the ground from last Friday's

Looking forward to Candlemas,
Groundhog's Cross Quarter.
I hope Mr. Punxutawney Phil sees
his shadow and is scared back into
his den!

Will spring ever arrive? And whatever happened to Global Warming?

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