Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Winter in Sedillo


Winter pictures to make the fireside feel warm . . .

The just past full blue moon of December sets above the Sandia Mountain Front to the west. The sky is rimmed with the pink of approaching dawn.

A freezing fog has set on the leaves of a Rocky
Mountain Juniper. The air was damp and cold,
signalling an approaching snowstorm.

More freezing fog on the Juniper at the top of South Sedillo Ridge. All around, the air is full of the very cold fog.

Restless clouds in a turning sky,
telling of the heavy weather.
The snow fell from the first storm
of three coming through this week.

Snow from the second storm fell this morning, adding layers to the snow from previous storms.

The third storm is coming Friday. We have had snowcover up here on Sedillo since December 7. It looks like we may have it until the cross-quarter day.

By then, I believe I will be ready for spring!

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