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Liberty Song Saturday: We Con the World--A Parody

Remember We are the World?

The Chem Geek Princess was born that year, and hormones being what they are, I spent many an evening news broadcast sniffling through scenes of hungry children in Africa. We all joined Hands Across America the following Memorial Day weekend--we stood on Central Avenue with the CGP in a baby-backpack--and raised money (sort of) for those same starving children.

Those were more innocent times when we thought that humanitarians bringing aid carried babies in back-packs instead of their own clubs, knifes and stun grenades. I never dreamed I would in my own lifetime see again the rise of virulent anti-semitism on the left and on the right, as part of the package of collectivism and statism as my beloved "sweet land of Liberty" moved inexorably away from its founding promise based on rights of individuals rather than privileges granted to pressure groups.

Each time someone challenges the sovereign right of Israel to self-defense, and Israel responds by defending herself, a new and nastier wave of antisemitism can be found in the statements of "world leaders", members of the press, in the pages of newspapers, and on the internet. It does not matter that fewer than half the world's Jews actually live in Israel. It does not matter that many American Jews try to appease the anti-semites by joining in the condemnation of Israel and worse, their own people. From Hamas, from Iran, and more depressingly, from the UN and the capitals of Europe, calls are renewed once again for the destruction not only of the Jewish state, but of the Jewish people.

In the parody I will feature below, the chorus goes:
"We'll make the world abandon reason,
We'll make them think that the Hamas is Mama Teresa,
The truth will never make its way to your TV."

The problem IMO: You don't make a better day for anybody when you try to get the world to abandon reason. You don't make peace by creating moral hazard in which you give aid and comfort to those who will not rest until Israel is completely deligitimized and her people bombed out of existance.

Today I opened my newspaper and read Charles Krauthammer's column on the Op-Ed page. Writing about Israel's traditional defense tactics, he pointed out that being a small country surrounded by enemies, Israel uses forward defense--fighting wars on the enemy's territory--and active defense--military action to disrupt, dismantle and defeat the newly armed mini-states in southern Lebanon and Gaza. But, Krauthammer writes:

". . . under overwhelming outside pressure Israel gave it up. The Israelis were told the occupations were not just illegal but at the root of the anti-Israel insurgenciesand therefore withdrawal . . . would bring peace. . .
What did [Israel] get? An intensification of belligerency, heavy militarization of the enemy side, multiple kidnappings, cross-border attacks and, from Gaza, years of unrelenting rocket attack.
Land for peace. Remember?
. . .The result? The Lebanon War of 2006 and the Gaza operation of 2008-09. They were met with yet another avalanche of opprobrium and calumny by the same international community that had demanded land-for-peace withdrawals in the first place. Worse, the UN Goldstone Report, which essentially criminalized Israel's defensive operation in Gaza while whitewashing the casus belli--the preceding and unprovoked Hamas rocket war--effectively deligitimized any active Israel defense against its self-declared terror enemies."

According to Krauthammer, this leaves Israel with nothing but passive defense--a blockade preventing enemy rearmament. And with the blockade-running flotilla set-ups, that is also being delegitimized by a world "community" united by nothing so much as their hatred of Jews. Krauthammer asks, then what is left? He writes:

"Nothing. The whole point of this relentless international campaign is to deprive Israel of any legitimate form of self-defense.
The world is tired of these troublesome Jews, six million--that number again--hard by the Mediterranean, refusing every invitation to national suicide. For which they are relentlessly demonized, ghettoized and constrained from defending themselves, even as the more committed anti-Zionists--iranian in particular--openly prepare a more final solution."

And what are we Jews left with? Our traditional black humor in the face of hatred.
Here is the Latma crew with their parody, playing on theme of what really seems to unite the world--unceasing hatred of Jews. Here is We Con the World:

Do watch the original We are the World (linked above) and see the loving detail with which the Latma crew parodies the original in order to make their point about the so-called peace activists.

NOTE: You Tube has banned the original video, but here is a FREESPEECH version of it. Keep the Internet Free and Irreverent!

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