Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snowbound on the 5th Day

Aren't the lights pretty? They are reflected in the window and show the increasing light we can bring to the world in these dark times at this dark season. Last night we talked about how even in the darkest of places, a mensch (a.k.a. a real human being) can bring a little light into the darkness. As we travel through the eight days of Hannukah we increase the light each day, just as when we travel through our lives we should increase the light each day.

This picture, taken this morning shows the sunrise on the 5th day of Hannukah. The white blur of the picture is due to the snow that was falling even as the sun was peeking through the clouds. We woke up to 7" of snow in the guage and a steady 20 mph wind, creating blizzard conditions. We are truly snow bound as I-40 is closed from Albuquerque east to the Texas border. We live east of Albuquerque, so we cannot go anywhere even if we could get to I-40! Our county roads are drifted shut and the snowplow has not come by. So we are all home today feeling very cozy and warm. N. has been outside twice today already with his sister and the dogs. They had lots of fun jumping over and through the snowdrifts. The only school we have done so far today is pray the morning service and read 5 pages in The Source.

This picture was taken through our kitchen door and is of a sculpted snowdrift that was about 3 feet high. We have since gotten about 3-4 inches of snow, It has been snowing steadily since we got up this morning. How beautiful the snow is when you are warm and cozy inside, enjoying its beauty! We plan to pop popcorn today and play games. N. received the game Blockus as a gift. It is a game of strategy and spatial reasoning. He will probably beat me handily and in less than 30 minutes--who needs to practice spatial reasoning?!

Tonight we will light the 6th light and begin the 6th day of Hannukah. Last night we had classical music. It will be interesting to see what kind of music we play tonight.

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