Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Snowstorm in Hannukah

Look at this!

This was before the most recent wave of snow hit--which is happening now.

We are having our second winter storm of the season--and last year we got almost NO SNOW at all. Even though this ties up traffic and makes driving hard, we really need the snow. (The snow in the meadow is actually about 2" deep, but the meadow grasses are about 3' tall). The record monsoon rains we got in August and the El Nino snows we are getting this winter may actually pull us out of the 10 year drought we have been experiencing. Anyway, I LOVE snow!

We had a quiet day today. I got up early to have a phone conference with Dr, Cheri Florance in New York. She runs an organization called "Brain Engineering" and she has some awesome programs to help visual people adapt to the verbal world. After the Bar Mitzvah, N. and I are going to be doing a lot of that work. We hope the program will help him with attention to verbal instructions, and speaking and organizing his writing.

Anyway, I let N. sleep in since it was snowing this morning. Then we snuggled on the couch with eggnog as we read some more of The Source. I did a little laundery, we watched an episode of Star Trek, The Original Series (season III), we took some pictures, N. went out to play in the snow three different times--a nice, cozy snow-storm sort of day.

The snow seems to be coming in waves--and a look at the satellite pictures show the storm center over western New Mexico, so there is a lot more to come tonight. We are expecting 12" by tomorrow morning. Tonight is going to be a night for popcorn and movies...after we light candles for the 5th light of Hannukah.

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