Thursday, June 28, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I was brought up as a sports fan of sorts. My first religion was the Chicago Cubs. I didn't used to be able to catch a ball to save my life, but that was before Bruce.

Bruce loves the game of baseball. He was a little league umpire and coach when he was in college. So it's a good thing I understand the game.

In the summer of 2001, when Bruce and I were dating, he played on the Men's Softball League at Sandia National Lab.

I couldn't drive on base in my car, so I would park at a friend's house close to the gate and Bruce would bring me in to watch their games. At that time, there were quite a few spouses and children and girlfriends that would come to the games.

Then 9-11 happened. For a very long time after that, security was so tight that they checked the badges and ID of everyone in the car. You had to have a badge to go on base. Period.

So I could no longer go out to the ball games. And then we got really busy--our wedding, N.'s boy scouts, work and life. And Bruce only played as a substitute. And I didn't get to go watch.

This year, though, Bruce was able to get me a pass to go onto KAFB where Sandia National Labs are located. It is restrictive. But I can go watch the games. He has been a substitute player again--but this time for a Co-Ed SNL team.

So last night, with N. at camp, it was like old times. I was able to park at Home Depot and Bruce picked me up, and we went to the game.

Bruce was substituting for Earth, Wind and Fire. (They do Geotechnical Science--don't know what the Wind and Fire is about and I don't want to guess). It was the last game of the regular season. The whole EW&F team showed up, ready to play softball and then have a picnic.

The game was to start at 5:30. But only a few people from the other team made it. It turns out that just after we arrived, the Air Force guys were moving a weapon and closed the road out to the NTC area, where the softball field is. So the other team forfeited, but the players all decided to play a game for fun. So EW&F divided up and some played with the few on the other team.

I was the only fan. So I took pictures while they played.

Bruce's "team" was in the outfield first.

Here he is, playing first, running toward a line drive. He did tag the batter out at first. I think.

I took too many pictures and I can't remember the context for each and every one! But it was great to be out at the Manzano Mesa--enjoying the view across to Mount Taylor and watching the game. Just like old times.

Even though it's been a long time since Bruce picked up a bat, he managed to hit a home run!

In the picture to the right, he is checking out where the ball went as he gets ready to run for first.

And here he is crossing home plate!
By this time, someone had closed the dratted gate so I had to shoot through the fence. But I got the picture.
The other "team" won. But Bruce had fun anyway. Even though we have no idea where his baseball pants are! We've moved twice since he played on a team rather than as a sub.
After the game, we had hamburgers--"Dr. Dave" brought his grill out--and the usual picnic stuff to go with them. Since we were both driving, Bruce and I went to the "girl stuff" cooler. We thought we were drinking flavored water. Then I noticed the Absolut label. Well. Fortunately, I had consumed only about a quarter of the bottle. It was black-cherry flavored something that I don't usually drink. The rest went on the ground.
The moral of the story--always read the label. It's a good thing I had eaten a buffalo burger, a turkey dog, potato salad, slaw, chips and a cookie.
And drunk 16 ounces of good old H2O--before I had the "flavored water."
But we still waited a few hours before going home. Better safe than sorry.
It was a nice evening. Even if it was a little longer than planned. We stayed for the 8:30 game. And enjoyed the sunset and clouds and the cool evening breeze.
I think I have talked Bruce into joining the fall league. And he will be a regular player. Now that I can go watch.

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