Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Mother of All Bail-Outs! Shame on the US Senate

Look what happens when I take a few days off from the news for Rosh Hashannah!

The US Senate gave in to everybody EXCEPT their constituents.
We know who the pigs are, lipstick or no.

Go over to Consent of the Governed for a list of who voted AGAINST the Bail-out. Anyone NOT on the list should be voted out of office. In New Mexico, we must vote against Senator Bingaman at the next opportunity . Senator Domenici will be out of in January anyway. I am going to vote for the fiscal conservative running to take his place.


And for a video refresher about who is responsible for the construction of this paper empire and the looting of the American taxpayer check out this video:

And call your congresspeople. They still have to vote.
Let's give Nancy Pelosi another vote of no confidence--if she is foolish enough to bring this bill to the floor as loaded with pork as it is!

You can find the entire text of the bill here. It is very long and laden with special interest pandering.

I'm so mad at this attempt to make the next generations of Americans tax-slaves that I can barely type.

For more background on the crisis, see this week's Objectivist Round-Up.

Disclaimer: My link to the Objectivist Round-up does not imply that I endorse their philosophy in whole or in part, nor do they endorse mine. Objectivists almost certainly consider me evil for several reasons, my religious affiliation among them. I do not advise posting comments on Objectivist blogs that use words like "selfish" or "greedy" because these words have a different connotation in the Objectivist universe: doing so unadvisedly will get your figurative clock cleaned out before you know what hit you. And even though most O-bloggers are entirely earnest and without a sense of humor, realize that they are top-notch composers of rational arguments--do not comment if you live in any kind of glass palace! However, because they are rational and do great research, you can count on their research even if disagree with some of their conclusions.


Kaber said...

I need to get that video link. I have always thought the "no credit-No Problem- just sign here" philosophy was ingorant. I'm glad my husband always makes very sound financial decisions.

the video looked good, but some of us with dyslexia can't keep up with flashing, popping words like that, LOL. I need it as about 1/4 the speed. I need to watch it again with a notepad and use the pause button.

Sarah said...

I know!!! I am so distressed about this. I'm glad that one of my senators voted No (the one who's up for re-election this year!), but it's small consolation.

I'm most distressed at how blatantly Senators are ignoring (and even insulting) their constituents, who are coming out against this in droves.

Ah, well. A blessed New Year to you and your family!