Monday, November 10, 2008

Clarification Based on a Comment and a Link

I thought I had said everything I wanted to say about the election and my response.
But I do have something further to discuss.
It was provoked first by a comment to my post last Wednesday, The Morning After.
In that post, I embedded a video from You Tube that featured a parody of the old Soviet national anthem. The parody pokes fun at the Obamaniac's rather messianic view of him, among other things.

The anonymous commentor--aren't they always anonymous?--thought that my post was "disrespectful" and that it is "One thing is being unhappy with the politics of the winner. Another one entirely is bashing the candidate that won."

I think I answered the issues well in follow-up comments and in my more reasoned post Making Ready. The tendency of Anonymouses towards no sense of humor aside,I had the sense that there was something wrong with the idea that the conclusion of a presidential election is necessarily like that of a football game, and the consequences of the ideas are just as fleeting. But I have had a bad virus, and clarity has also been fleeting. Fortunately, Kathy Jo in What He Said, found someone who said it better than I can! This is very good.

And that's the last of the links for the day!


Anonymous said...

I stay anonymous because I really don't have a blog that you would be interested in. Anyway, I still think the video was a bit too much considering the guy has not even taken oath yet. There is a very fine line between parody and offense, I just think it was crossed this time that is all. But I don't really expect anyone to understand.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Well, Anonymous, for what it's worth, there were many times in the campaign when I was highly offended by the antics of the Obamamaniacs. But I will admit, I have now got a laugh out of them. I expect you would not understand.