Monday, April 13, 2009

Party Like It's 1773!

On Wednesday, Tax Day Tea Parties will take place in approximately 3000 cities from sea to shining sea . . .

These Tea Parties are grassroots movements of Americans from all walks of life who are fed up with our government spending us into oblivion.

This movement is neither right nor left, neither liberal nor conservative.
Most of us are equally angry at the people who sit on both sides of aisle,
and who, for the past 12 years have told us the beguiling lie that we can spend ourselves into prosperity.

Our anger is not aimed at a particular administration; it is at our representatives in Congress who have not listened to us, and are so arrogant that they do not even bother to read and understand the bills they vote on. It is about bills so full of pork spending, that like TARP, they grow from 4 pages to over 900 pages.

It is about Senator Chuck Schumer, who does not think that We the People "care about pork."
It is about Senator John McCain, who thinks that a cap-and-trade tax on emissions is a good idea in the middle of a recession. It is about former President George W. Bush, who pushed for and signed the TARP spending bill. And it is about current President Barack Obama, who pushed for and signed the so-called Stimulus Bill.

New Mexico Tax Day Tea Parties:
Albuquerque: 4/15/09 4 - 7 PM, The Indepedence Grill, Louisiana and Montgomery,
Alamagordo: 4/14/09 6 - 7 PM, Corner of Florida and 1st
Carlsbad: 4/15/09 5 - 6:30 PM, Courthouse Lawn
Farmington: 4/15/09 12 - 1:30 PM, Farmington Museum and Visitor Center, east side parking lot
Hobbs: 4/15/09 4 - 6 PM, Lea County Event Center, south side parking lot
Las Cruces : 4/15/09 4:30 - 8 PM, March from Loretto Town Center to Johnson Park
Moriarity: 4/15/09 12 - 2 PM, Crossley Park
Roswell: 4/15/09 5:30 - 7 PM, March from Pioneer Plaza to Chavez County Courthouse
Ruidoso: 4/15/09 4 - 7 PM, Wingfield Park (corner of Center and Wingfield)
Santa Fe: 4/15/09 5 - 6:30, The Plaza
Silver City: 4/15/09 12 - 6 PM, Gough Park
Taos: 4/15/09 11:30 AM - 1 PM, Taos Plaza
Oops, I almost moved Clovis out of the post:
Clovis: 4/15/09 12 - 1 PM, Curry County Courthouse

Information about Albuquerque, the other Tea Parties in New Mexico, and the Tea Parties in surrounding states, can be found at Albuqerque Tea Party.

Let's party like it's 1773!


Laughing Stars said...

I saw a sign advertising one of these a few miles from the city where I live. Very intriguing!

Amie said...

There is one here in Traverse City that we will be attending.