Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Citizen's Continental Congress 2009

The Citizen's Continental Congress movement is underway:

For two weeks in November, delegates representing The People of the fifty states will join together in the tradition of the Founding Fathers and their Continental Congress of 1774. Continental Congress 2009 will convene as a national assembly of We The People and attest to the increasing abuses of our Governing Documents. Together, we will decide what peaceful, legal steps can be taken to bring about compliance with our Freedom documents.
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If you are a patriot, you will want to get involved. I signed up to support the Continental Congress as Bernalillo County coordinator, and I am working to get polling locations and volunteers to man then on the day we elect our representatives. Our New Mexico coordinator, Dave Batcheller, is working to get nominees who are not elected officials but who are good representatives of the people of New Mexico to attend.

Election Day for Delegates is October 10! Go to We the People to help make this historic event happen!

CC2009 is Your Civic Duty

Live Free or Die!

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