Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cool Fronts, Monsoon Clouds and Fog


The days are still long and warm, but the sun is rising a little later in the mornings, and the alarm clock is going off during civil twilight, whereas a month ago the sun was already peaking over the horizon. These past few days, there has been a cool breeze morning and evening, jacket weather. The Monsoon has been good to us, bringing rain, clouds and fog to water the late summer blooms.

A heavy cloud lies low over Cedar Crest, and a thinner fog spreads over the mountain valley, and the meadow.

Clouds over the Sandias, but the sun is shining in the Jemez, on the horizon, about 80 miles away.

A bright window in the rain clouds over Teypana. Later that morning we got quite a downpour, all hail the mighty Monsoon!

The fog settles in, cool and wet, over the meadow one morning on our walk at dawn.

On another morning this week, the fog drifted in, curtains of cloud moving across the meadow, made bright by the rising sun.

We do so live in G-d's Country!


Retriever said...

Beautiful! I am fascinated by fog, but most of my photographs of it end up just blurry....:)

christinemm said...

I enjoyed your post and photos today Elisheva. Have a great weekend!

I've been thinking of you with all the political current events and wondering what you are thinking.