Monday, July 6, 2009

From Every Mountainside . . .

We are still recovering from our Independence Day celebration. In the morning we made signs. In the afternoon, we went to the Albuquerque Tea Party. In the evening, the Engineering Geek and I drove up to a Santa Fe R3volution Celebration and Concert to listen to Adam Kokesh formally announce his candidacy for Congress, 3rd District, New Mexico. We arrive back home at 2:45 AM, pretty late (or early?) for old curmudgeons like us.

From every mountainside . . .actually, mountain top. . . let Freedom ring!

The Boychick (Dont Tread On Me) and his cousin D. (Old Glory) drove to the top of the ridge, flags out the window, waving wildly all the way.
Here they stand, signalling their patriotism to friends down toward Juan Tomas.

At the Tea Party, there were a least 7000 of us in the streets--at last accurately reported in the Albuquerque Journal--and a small flag for each person who registered to be "with us in spirit."
The count was made by giving out "dots" for each person in the cars, which parked in a huge lot across Alameda Blvd. from the site. Since we cannot guarantee we got ever biker and walker, as well as those who parked elsewhere, we at least know the minimum count.

The Engineering Geek, center, Navy Jack in one hand, and a homemade sign in the other. It says:
We the People are the true patriots and leaders for Liberty and Justice!

He was set up in the median, and I snapped the picture from across the street, where I had gone to pick up some more Libertarian Party literature to pass out.

We passed out 300 flyers for the Continental Congress 2009 for November, as well as the Libertarian stuff. The most popular handout was an enlarged 1 million dollar bill that said on the back, "Your Congress Spends This Much Every 5 Seconds." The "fine print" was the website and street address of the Libertarian Party. Another popular handout was the World's Shortest Political Quiz.

Across the street, a flag signals a nation in distress. Given the way our government ignores the Constitution and us (Non-representative Heinrich received messages 20:1 opposed to Cap-and-Tax, but voted the party line) we are now in distress. We are in terminal debt.

The Boychick and D. proudly waved the flags, as they moved up and down the street, talking to people. I got quite a few compliments about their knowledge. I know Madge would be as proud as me of them!

The Boychick was interviewed briefly and spoke into the camera with conviction about Cap-and-Tax, though he was not sure about healthcare. Pretty good for an 'Aspie' caught by surprise.

I have no pictures of the ride up to Santa Fe, as that took place at sunset for a 10 PM Rally at Greer Garson theater. I had a great time talking to some Libertarians from Arizona and California, over to help Adam get his campaign going. The rally was a combination of speeches by members of Campaign for Liberty, some other groups, and great music. Because of the encore calls for Jordan Page, who is one heck of a guitarist, we did not get out of there until 1:30! That's way past my bedtime.

It was a Glorious (and long!) Fourth!


gadaboutblogalot said...

It will be a great shame if more folks don't comment on your excellent coverage of "The Spirit Of 1776" and beyond to Disneyland (Santa Fe).

See you next time


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Chuck--Disneyland for Santa Fe--gotta love it. We usually call it "Fanta Se."