Friday, October 23, 2009

Continental Congress: A Fundraising Appeal

Yesterday evening, I finally received the long awaited Memo about Continental Congress. This memo began with a more comprehensive charge for the Congress, and also discussed arrangements for the Delegates and what we must do to prepare.

Because fundraising goals have not been met for the National We the People Foundation, some changes have been made. The Congress will meet for 11 days instead of 14, and those delegates who are able have been asked to step and pay for their own room and board in order that all delegates can be accomodated and the live-streaming (very expensive!) can still take place. Each state has also been asked to raise funds to assist their own delegations.

After a quick conference with the Engineering Geek and the Boychick, I sent the following e-mail back to JW at National:

"I received the Memo just a few minutes ago. After a family discussion in which everyone pledged to a much reduced Hanukkah and Secular New Year celebration this year, we determined that we will step up to pay for my lodging and meals for the Continental Congress.
We feel this is a very appropriate use of the funds that would generally go towards our celebration. After all, the Maccabees lived in the fields and the swamps of Judea and the Galil while fighting for the freedom to retain their identity and their obligation to the Eternal. They fought both spiritually and with arms in order to repel the tyranny of the Syrian King Antiochus, who called himself "Epiphanes", a god-made-manifest. Our battle will be, with the blessings of the Eternal, only a spiritual one at the Continental Congress. Our family wishes to make this small payment to restore the Constitution and the Republic and to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our children from generation to generation.

Yours in Liberty, . . ."

And it was signed by me.

There is indeed a part of all of us that wants to camp out in the snow in tents at Valley Forge, but the commitment we are being asked to make is much less . . . rigorous.

The New Mexico Delegation is raising funds through New Mexico Patriot Alliance. Our website will soon have a fundraising option so that people can contribute there.

And, yes, this is an appeal to all my readers, especially those from New Mexico.

Are you a Patriot? Prove it.

Every dollar counts toward helping us represent the Patriots of New Mexico at the Continental Congress. Click on the link and make your contribution. A small donation from every patriot will do wonders towards our travel (by car caravan) and food and lodging during the Congress.

Thanks in advance.

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gadaboutblogalot said...

Well,if you will shoot me an email when the donation site is posted, I will be happy to send a token along.

I know you are busy, but I will have slept since I've read your great news above, and I am much older and less responsible than you.