Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Continental Congress: New Mexico Delegation

The 2009 Continental Congress will be convened in St. Charles, Illinois, on November 8, 2009 and will deliberate until November 21, 2009.

Each of these United States will send a delegation of three citizens who are not politicians to this historic endevor.

From the Purpose, Format and Outcomes Document:

"The purpose of Continental Congress 2009 is to determine a legal and peaceful means to stop the violations of The Constitution of The United States of America and to restore Constitutional governance."


"Specifically, the delegates will consider:

  • The framework, content and meaning of the Constitution as originally intended;

  • The provisions provided for The People to hold the government accountable to the Constitution;

  • Violations to the Constitution and their devastating impacts on America and her people and resources;

  • The Record of Petitions for Redress, (over fourteen years), directed to federal and state government for violations to the Constitution and government’s response;

  • The Vision for America if we followed it – what would our Nation/life be like if we were wholly obedient to the Guarantees of the Constitution rather than the whims and assurances of elected officials;

  • A template for transition to Constitutional governance in America;

  • Peaceful and legal means through which a critical mass of The People can
    push back and stop the violations and restore Constitutional obedience in America.
    The upcoming Continental Congress is being called by The People, not to amend our Constitution, but to defend the one we now have. This is not a Constitutional Convention. "

I am honored to have been elected as one of three delegates to the Continental Congress from New Mexico. Our delegation consists of two men and one woman (me) who have been politically active in the past, and who share knowledge of and concern for the current state of the United States, in which our Constitutional form of government is honored mainly in the breech. There are daily violations of our Constitutional rights by the politicians in our federal government, and daily violations of the limits the Constitution placed on our federal government.

The three of us are:

David Batcheller: State Chair of the Consitution Party, author and Chair of New Mexico Patriot Alliance;

Michael Lunnon: Organizing Chair of the McKinley County Republican Party, small businessman, and Constitution activist;

and me,

Elisheva Levin: Libertarian, scholar, scientist, President of Common Sense, Inc. (the parent company of Retake Congress), and Treasurer of New Mexico Patriot Alliance.

Our alternate delegate and member of the We the People Administrative Team (IT) is:

Raymond Powell: libertarian, producer of Revolution Broadcasting, organizer of the R3volution March, and CEO of Retake Congress; in short, Professional Revolutionary.

More information about us can be found at the New Mexico State Page, including contact information, should citizens want to discuss their concerns and ideas about the restoration of the Constitution and the Republic of the United States.

The outcomes of the Continental Congress are not predetermined, but as Dr. Edwin Viera, noted Constitutional scholar who also consults with the Committees of Safety , wrote:

“The delegates must be open to a full, fair, and frank discussion of all credible points of view, with the goal of creating a documentary and testimonial record of indisputable facts from which to draw legal conclusions and upon the basis of which to propose responsible courses of political action. The delegates should be bound by no rigid prior agenda that they must follow, no preconceived conclusions to which they must agree, and no unalterable plans for future actions that they must adopt. All decisions of the “Continental Congress” as a whole must be made by open and recorded roll-call votes.” (Memo to the Jekyll Island Project, May 2009).

I am very excited to be part of the New Mexico delegation to the Continental Congress. At the same time I recognize that by doing so, all of us; the delegates and the administrative team and scholars-in-residence, are identifying ourselves for the world to see as part of the Freedom Movement. This is a great honor and a great responsibility. By making this stand we are pledging to each other to uphold the Constitution of the United States with "our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor."

May the Eternal Author of Liberty give us the strength and wisdom to uphold this pledge for the honor of the Republic.


Susan said...

Congratulations, Elisheva! I was hoping you'd be elected.

And in your old (big)backyard. Here's hoping the dreams of and for accountability to our Constitution will spread east from St. Charles to Chicago all the way to the East Coast.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that you will be there to represent New Mexico.

Chuck said...

Good for us that you were elected. Will there be daily posts as to what is accomplished or discussed?

Good luck!

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...


There will be live streaming coverage of the Congress over the internet, as well as two daily briefings. I will endevour to blog each day as well, although I understand that our days will be full!