Thursday, October 15, 2009

Music for the R3volution

I've been busy this week . . . in spite of good intentions. We are getting Retake Congress off the ground, and that has required Fed Ex, conference calls and other work.

Meanwhile as we wait for the final results of the Continental Congress Elections, the coordinators have been discussing music for the R3volution.

Here are some of the suggestions from our discussion:

Fish: State of Mind

An Oldie but Goodie, Buffalo Springfield: For What It's Worth

Jordan Page, a rising star in the Campaign for Liberty, and one of my favorites:
The Pendulum (from Liberty Unleashed)

And my own recomendation and another favorite, Muse: Uprising (from The Resistance)



Amie said...


The first one is pretty good too, but definitely Muse.

Activities Coordinator said...