Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day 2010: Defiance, Not Obedience!

That was the motto of the American Revolution.
The rattlesnake represents an animal that will warn a person with the rattle. It will not strike without warning, but if you tread on it, it will STRIKE.

Is the warning that Americans are now giving, as they go to Tea Parties to protest the abrogation of their liberty through the collectivist agenda of the pols of both parties, the administration and the courts. We will exercise our RIGHTS.

Is why Cloward and Piven will not work upon Americans.
We will not acquiesce to the imposition of tyranny. We will defy it!
And a new generation is being taught to defy attempts upon their liberty . . .

Ayn Rand wrote:

"A dictatorship cannot take hold in America today. This country, as yet, cannot be ruled—but it can explode. It can blow up into the helpless rage and blind violence of a civil war. It cannot be cowed into submission, passivity, malevolence, resignation. It cannot be “pushed around.” Defiance, not obedience, is the American’s answer to overbearing authority. The nation that ran an underground railroad to help human beings escape from slavery, or began drinking on principle in the face of Prohibition, will not say “Yes, sir,” to the enforcers of ration coupons and cereal prices. Not yet."
From: “Don’t Let It Go,” Philosophy: Who Needs It, 213

To which, for the sake of our children, we reply: NOT EVER!


Celebrate the 234th Anniversary of American Independence:

Go Forth and Exercise Your Rights!

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Brianna said...

"From: 'Don’t Let It Go,' Philosophy: Who Needs It, 213"

I've read it, too.

Last spring, I snuck into a meeting of socialists on campus when they were discussing the health care bill which had just passed. I passed myself off as "undecided" and asked lots of questions. The last question I asked was about the doctors who had put up signs in their offices saying they would not work under Obamacare. I asked the speaker whether he was worried if more doctors would do the same and if they'd have free health care in princple, but a waiting line in practice. Of those doctors, he said, "F**k them. Pardon my French, but f**k them." That's a direct quote.

So just in case you were wondering how socialists feel about the people who refuse to cooperate with socialism on moral grounds....