Sunday, July 11, 2010

Liberty Song Saturday: Letting the Days Go By (Parody)

Yesterday, which was Saturday, I took a complete computer Shabbat, spending my day enjoying a mountain summer and reading real books (!) lazily on the porch. So here is Liberty Song Saturday--on Sunday this time.

This week, it is a song parody by The Talking Feds. This one illustrates the Obamable lack of leadership in dealing with the Deep Water Horizon well breech in the Gulf.
But I liked the original, too. It fit the mood of the '80's when I heard "Once in Lifetime" as a young mother asking myself, "How did I get here?"

When you've watched parody, check out the original to see the parallels in production between the parody dance moves and the real Talking Heads.

Now, the Talking Feds:

"Letting the days go by--play another round of golf--
Letting the days go by--oil is rising in the gulf--- . . ."

"You may find yourself living in a big White House.
And you may find yourself with the largest oil spill in the world.
And you may find yourself blaming the last administration. . ."

"You may ask yourself: Where is that beautiful beach?
And you may ask yourself: Why did I vote for Obama?
And you may tell yourself: My God! What have I done!"

I never expected, back in the '80's, to see what has happened to us now. I never dreamed how seriously and insanely our world would spin out of control when given into the hands of progressive pols of both parties, who have a post-modernist lack of respect for reality and a passion for . . . nihilism. (That's another blog).

I never thought that I'd actually miss the Reagan administration, with all its faults. As I watched the video of the original Talking Heads song, Once in a Lifetime, I had a powerful moment of nostalgia for those days when my baby daughter brought smiles, and my world--crazy and exciting as it was--rested on the foundation of the values of the United States.

This time--in honor of the moment of wistful nostalgia--I am embedding the original.
Here is the Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime:

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