Saturday, July 17, 2010

Liberty Song Saturday: Get Your Money From Nothing--Spread the Wealth from Me

This one's a parody, from Politizoid--another one from an '80's song I liked in the original. This is Dem Straight--Money for Nothing.

"Look at them Yoyo's --that' the way they do it, they spread their Healthcare on the NBC,
This ain't working--that's the way do it, money for nothing, spread the wealth from me . . .

"That crazy lady with the gavel and the facelift,
Yeah, man,, you're really getting dissed,
That crazy lady got her own jet airplane,
That crazy lady is a socialist . . .

"I should have read the Constitution,
I should have learned some history,
Look at that Congress, they just stick it to America, man . . ."

And just to appreciate the changes in technology from MTV then and YouTube now, enjoy the original:

Come on, Nancy--this ain't working!
Come on, Harry--we ain't dumb!

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