Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Busy Day--but the Home School Carnival is UP!

Today we had one of those days that required much time away from the computer.

I had a parent conference call with Dr. Florance in New York.
N. had his Homeschooling Science Class at the Explora Museum.
We had to eat lunch and run to Borders where DH would meet us to take N. home because...
I had my first class of the new university term: Special Education Law.

More details tomorrow!

BUT--I have something to share anyway: The new Carnival of Homeschool # 55: Parents Meeting is up at Dewey's Treehouse . Get a cuppa and enjoy!

And thanks to Mama Squirrel over there in the Treehouse! She helped me increase my Geek Index by teaching me how to do a fancy link.

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