Monday, January 22, 2007

Once Again Unto the...Drift!

Weather Report: On Friday night-early Saturday morning, we got about one inch of snow here in Sedillo.

On Saturday afternoon--evening, we got about 3 inches more. The yesterday, from afternoon--night, we got about 3 and 1/2 inches more. (The measurements are approximate because we had strong winds that blew and drifted some of the snow. To the left is snow drifted against the neighbor's fence.

The drift symbolizes where I feel we are right now!

Today, the East Mountain schools are closed, as are the Moriarity schools. Although I allowed N. to go outside and play with his sled this morning, I do feel the need to get some work done today. N. disagrees and is working under protest. So we are having one those days where it is very difficult not to get into a power struggle with him. I think one of the problems is that I did not start the routine right away. We did not pray the morning service and that part of our routine is missing. Missing a piece of the routine really puts N. out of sorts--and of course, the fact that the "school" kids are having a snow day, increases his frustration.

How did I manage to "forget" the morning service? Well, my morning routine was somewhat upset because I had to check the goverment, business and school closure list (at KKOB online--thanks KKOB!) in order to see if there were any delays for UNM (ML, my 21 year old had class today) and Sandia National Labs (for DH). There were no closures or delays for any place in Albuquerque. So ML went off to school. Just as I was feeding the dogs, she called to say that she had slid into a ditch. DH and I began clearing his car so he could pick her up. Then, just as we were leaving to rescue her, ML called to say that a guy with a "mongo" truck got her out of the ditch. She missed French and managed to throw the routine.

N. is not the only person who gets out of sorts when the routine changes. I do too, although I cannot have a melt-down.

So today, we are feeling somewhat out of kilter, and I am feeling very unproductive in the homeschooling department. I guess we have to chalk it up to "one of THOSE days." I know they happen in school, too. It's just that my goal has been to hit the ground running now that the Bar Mitzvah is over. However, it has been feeling more like start, fart, stumble and fall!

We've been rather "drifty" instead of organized of late.

One productive thing I have done today is take a picture (right) of the beautiful ice sculpture in my dooryard.
It is melting now, even though the air temperature is below freezing. The intense solar radiation against the house wall (two feet to the right in the picture) makes it much warmer near the porch than it is further out in the yard. Isn't this pretty?

The snow falls when it is time to fall. The snow drifts before the wind when the wind blows.
I make plans--but sometimes I forget that those plans are not set in concrete. Sometimes the wind changes and my plans need to change too.

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Megan Bayliss said...

I cannot get my head around the snow! It is indeed beautiful and soooo educational for us to voyeur upon.
While you drift, we watch in fascination, and learn. The sharing of home schooling lives, the trials and tribulations, the focus and the drift, is so valuable and I appreciate it.
I did my primary school in Papua New Guinea. I well remember then not being able to comprehend living in a cold climate. The immature learning and interest was nothing compared to what I now extract from your blogs and what I pass on to Boy.
This sharing is like a virtual classroom and I adore it. Thank you.