Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Da' Bears"

There are two times in the year when our household acts like rabid sports fans. They are during the playoffs and World Series for baseball and again during the playoffs and super bowl.

Some years are better for us than others because we are not just general sports fans. We are loyal to our regions.
My DH is from Oakland, so he tends to get really excited when the A's or the Giants are involved in the baseball playoffs. He loves the game of baseball the best of all.
He also can remember the "Hail Mary" pass and some other great moments in football.

I was born in northern Illinois, so my team loyalties are a matter of faith rather than intellect.
And I have transfered that tradition on to my children.
N. is an avid Bear fan and this is a good year for him!

Another piece that adds to our great enjoyment of the Bears being in the playoffs is that Brian Urlacher played football for our very own UNM Lobos before he went "pro" with the Chicago Bears. Lately, we have all sorts of connections to "da Bears."

Here is N. modeling his special Urlacher shirt, printed just for UNM's Lobo store. The front has UNM colors and Urlacher's Lobo number, 44. The back has Chicago's colors and Urlacher's Bear number, 54.

When our relatives were here for the Bar Mitzvah, my mother bought all the adult males in the family these shirts (and Lobo wear for everyone else) as souvenirs of the trip. The Lobo store manager who helped us in this large order was Born in Streator Illinois and taught in Galesburg. He only recently migrated out Lobo way. He told us that the first printing of these shirts had the Bears logo on the back. For some unknown reason, the Bears management did not continue permission for the continued use of the official Bears logo. So now the shirts only have the Lobo logo on the front. You'd think that the team management would understand the need to expand the fan base outside of Illinois! Oh, well!

Anyway, the Bears are currently ahead and, according to my mother, it is good "Bears" weather in Chicago. Cold, windy and some snow on the field. It would be really cool if they go to the Superbowl.

We'll stay tuned!



Amie said...

Go Bears! It's about time for them to go to the superbowl again.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It sure is! It has been somewhere around 22 years! I was pregnant with my daughter the year of the Superbowl shuffle!

Anonymous said...

Hello from another Bears fan (Jewish and future homeschooling, too). I hated to be such a pessimist last Sunday, but I have spent the last 21 years watching my team choke in the early rounds of the playoffs (if they make it at all). I was pleasantly surprised when they won the weekend before last, so I thought for sure the conference championship game would be the farthest they would go. Surprised again! Sometimes it's hard to get my hopes up lest they get crushed.