Saturday, March 24, 2007

Weird Weather

I know that I write entirely too much about the weather, but.....

Yesterday, we woke up to steady rain. Rain for more than a half-an-hour is pretty unsusual in New Mexico, especially since we are supposed to be having a dry spring. But the rain stopped, the sun came out although it was partly cloudy and windy, so we figured we were done.

But at about 1:30 yesterday a thunderstorm came up from the south and with it a tremendous hail-storm. You can see the pea-sized hail falling on my truck. The white streaks in the picture are the hail stones falling. It was all hail--no rain.

The hail lasted for half-an-hour. Still no rain! Weird.

It covered the ground like snow and was at one time nearly an inch deep.

I took a close-up of it on the dooryard path toward the driveway. Those brave little weeds survived without even getting bent, such hardy creatures are they!

Then, at two o'clock, just when I was despairing of going out in it to go to class, it stopped. The sun came out. The ground was covered with hail-slush.

Bruce very kindly scraped the truck for me. Sometimes husbands are the greatest!

I was only a little late to class.

Last night it was raining a little, but the temperature was above freezing and it stopped in the night.

This morning, we were laying in bed and watching the pink-orange sunrise creep across the sky through the bedroom clerestory.

Then Bruce said: Look out the other window! It's snowing.
It was. Clouds in the west were letting out snow, even as the sun was shining.

Is there such a thing as a snow-bow?

I got the camera, but the clouds had pretty much covered the sky by the time I took my first picture.
Here it is--Spring Snow on Aspen.

Here is the snow falling on the woods to the south, and over our precipitation guage.

I fancy that the light is different even though it is snowing like winter--it looks like spring here.

The snow was soft and wet and melted quickly. By the time we took the dogs out for their morning walk, it had disappeared from the ground, although it was still resting on the trees in the forest on our mountain.

Here are the departing snowclouds covering South Mountain, taken as we walked the dogs up our ridge.

The snow is now completely gone as if it had never been. It is 50 degrees outside and the sun is peaking through the rain-clouds.

Weird Weather! It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow, although the storms asre still coming in bands from California.

Weird! But we'll take any and all precipitation.

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Megan Bayliss said...

That is too weird but I'm glad your camera was charged and ready to go.
Those hail stones on your car are amazing.
Isn't it a shame that you couldn't email them to places that so badly need water.
You take care E. I'll not be around much for the next two weeks.