Thursday, March 1, 2007

Drawing: Another Result of the Titanic Perseveration

N. asked me to get him some drawing pencils the other day.

He had gone through a phase of drawing last year, but lately, his drawings have been for his history time-line and not for pleasure. So, expecting that he's use them for history, we went to Hobby Lobby and he picked out some decent drawing pencils.

Instead of using them for history, however, N. drew an anchor, as you can see to the left.

Note that he put the cost of the picture on it, as well as his initials. Now I own an early N.

The picture to the right is a drawing of the Torah Pointer that we gave him for his Bar Mitzvah. The drawing is very realistic, except for the chain that come in at angle to the left of the pointer. I think it looks more solid, don't you?
It is interesting how N. sees things. There is really tremendous detail in his drawings. The Torah Pointer really does look heavy and massive. It has the style of depression era art. I think N. captures that very well.
I also noticed the shading in the drawings. That is something new. I know that N. watched the drawing sequence for Titanic over and over again. In that sequence, the artist used a lot of shading. But this shading is very different from that. It lends a solid feeling to the picture.
You can also see how N.'s signature is evolving.
I am now out 20 cents. But I own two early N.'s.
Maybe we need to think about finding N. a class or a teacher. Or maybe some books. I wonder what he'd do with perspective?

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