Saturday, March 17, 2007

What Did You Do Over Spring Break, Mommy?

Lots! N. really began taking charge of his wilderness studies with Kamana. Here he is, walking off into the sunset at White Sands National Monument.

I started cleaning for Pesach. When I got to my office on Thursday, I hung some antique rose lace curtains on the clerestory. It softens the light on my computer screen just a bit in the afternoons!

The weather was beautiful most of the week. We did some reading and studying outside!

I enjoyed my morning walks with the dogs. On Tuesday morning we had a bit of a fog over the mountains.

The good weather has brought out the wildlife!
Here is a black squirrel clinging to the side of our house.
This morning, as Bruce and I were reading in our newly cleaned sitting room, the dogs went crazy. They barked and ran importantly from window to window, letting us know that there was a squirrel on our house.
I took the picture and we thanked the dogs for alerting us to that great sight!
N. discovered the Vencinos Skate Board Park. Yesterday, when we bought our Shabbat Challah at Wild Oats, we also got some picnic munchies and sodas. We went to the skateboard park, where we--well, I--ate and read a book. N. enjoyed trying his skills on the various ramps and--I have NO idea what you call the other stuff). I will be posting a whole blog article on skateboarding soon--I promise! Once N. teaches me the correct terminology.
Isn't this a maneuver to stop a mother's heart?! I took some pictures and then retired to the picnic table (facing the other way) with my Hansen's Vanilla Cream Soda to read Tom Brown Jr.'s Case Files of the Tracker. I had no need to WATCH this crazy stuff. I did listen for cries and screams of pain. Alas, I brought the first aid kit in vain! My boy has superb reflexes and balance--unlike his aging mother.
One thing I did not do so far is study. A woman's plans should exceed her time or what's a Spring Break for?
I'll probably be sorry later. A paper in neuroscience awaits!

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Amie said...

The curtains are beautiful!

I love the pictures of your son studying so hard outside (your previous post as well). It seems as though he discovered his passion.