Monday, May 14, 2007

Ahhh! Mother's Day

It was a very busy weekend. Saturday we had a Bat Mitzvah to attend, and breaking our usual pattern, we also went to the evening party. It was a family friend and we couldn't say no.

Yesterday I woke up tired and somewhat grumpy.
My mood improved when MLC took me to get my toes done--Ahhh!

And while we were away in town, Bruce put together my Mother's Day present. My mood improved considerably, when I saw him putting THIS out on the patio!

Of course, I had to try it out.

It was a beautiful evening to just sit on the patio and rock while watching the clouds come over the mountains.

I think I even closed my eyes for a few minutes.

The chair is very comfortable. (Today Bruce is putting primer on it and on the one that he bought himself for me to give him for father's day. Clever man. Tomorrow he will paint them both hunter green).

And I could sit and enjoy the evening because...

Bruce, N. and MLC did the cooking. (N. is behind the camera). Hmmm. At least, I think MLC was helping...

On Saturday evening--late--Bruce and N. left the Bat Mitzvah Party and drove past our home into Edgewood. They said the'd be late because they were taking A. home. Actually, A.'s mom met them at Smith's Grocery and Bruce and N. bought some steaks. They were planning the first outdoor BBQ of the year for Mother's Day.

Looking at the picture above, I do not think I actually NEED steak and potatoes--but, as they say, never, absolutely never, look a gift horse in the mouth!

MLC did do something, though, because this beautiful table was set up on the patio.

I guess I really rate--she put on a tablecloth, the good silverware and crystal.

When MLC's boyfriend arrived, we all sat down to a lovely Mother's Day dinner al fresco.

It was a beautiful evening for it, too! Warm, with clouds moving across the Sandias, and no wind! So we ate steak and potatoes and a choice of Pinot Gregio or Merlot. Apple pie for dessert. I am so glad that it is against my religion to diet...

If I started out the day grumpy, I ended it feeling pretty mellow.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day! you can always top it off by sending another Mother's Day e-card or a Thank You card from !

Frankie said...

Oh, oh, oh, what a fantastic day! I love the chair. The rest of the day sounds wonderful!

Happy belated mother's day.

Megan Bayliss said...

Oh only know you were grumpy because you've first had joy to measure it against. It's the balance of life. A grumpy day today, a rock in the chair tomorrow.
I hope you had a great day.
My boys also went all out. They planned a seafood platter (prawns, oysters, crab and lobster) and snuck it home without me knowing. It was a wonderful surprise and I wanted to sit down and cry because I was so happy.

steph said...

Well, we're going through the earliest of stages of childhood right now, so it'll be a few years yet until Mother's Day becomes a big thing. However, I did treat myself (my husband was relieved not to have to figure out what to get or do for me), while we were out of town in Pagosa Springs, to a splurge at their local needle crafts shop. I spent way too much money, but that's my way of bringing back souvenirs!

We bought plants and supplies from the garden shop in Cedar Crest and started a garden. Brent's parents were in town (and treated us when we all went to Pa Sps) and we all took turns watching the girls while others were doing fix ups around the property. SUCH a nice visit. It's nice when family go well.

A very Happy (albeit belated) Mother's Day to my mountain neighbor! O, the wildflowers! O, the greenery! O, the pine and clean air smells! I really don't ever wish to leave here... Take care...

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Hi Frankie, Megan and Steph:

It was a good day overall. I was cranky in the morning because I was tired from the night before. Also, the pressure was dropping, which reminded my legs and feet that I have Arthritis (related to my Lupus).

The chair was great therapy. It is now white with primer, and I hope it will be green by this weekend!

Steph, treasure these early childhood days! They go so quickly as to be unbelievable. Can you believe this rain? I have yet to get two days in a row out in the garden!