Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Progress Not Perfection! Carnival of Homeschooling and Our Stonescape Project

The work goes slowly but surely!

On Sunday, I got myself a little dehydrated while I was working on the steps in the afternoon. I didn't realize it until I almost fainted getting out of the shower.

NOTE TO SELF: Always take a large container of water outside to the worksite!

I tend to get absorbed in what I am doing and do not think to go in to get a drink. It has been somewhat humid--relative to the usual climate here--and so I did not feel very thirsty. It was obvious, though, after drinking several glasses of water after my shower that I was very thirsty!

Even so, I got three steps done on Sunday afternoon.

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out what is going on with e-mail--certain messages are not coming through. We had some errands to do, also, so I did not end up working on the steps. Today, an appointment and more errands, so I am guessing I will not get back to the work until tomorrow.

When I get back from the appointment, I have some inside work to do. And then some pleasure!

The Carnival of Homeschooling Alaska edition is up over at About Homeschooling. There are a number of good articles there, so I will be spending some time over there in the next few days. The pictures of a trip to Alaska alone is worth the trip--how very different from our New Mexico surroundings! But I always enjoy finding new blogs to visit at the Carnival.

I know there was a problem with COH in that some posts were not accepted and one was delted due to an overzealous host/editor. However, that problem has been resolved and a certain blog hosting site is no longer hosting COH, so the content will continue to be more diverse. So I have no problem recommending the COH again--although I refrained for a few weeks. This edition of COH is very balanced and diverse. Sometimes progress is made in fits and starts, just like my Three Hundred Million Year Stonescape project!

Being impatient by nature, I have to remind myself frequently that patience is sometimes rewarded! My motton for a long time has been:

"It is not up to us to complete the task but neither are we free to desist from it."
R. Tarphon in Pirke Avot 2:21.


Frankie said...

I hope you continue this series because I am loving it -- learning how to make the steps. We have a very steep bank in our back yard that I would love to put steps on.

I checked the carnival out for a few minutes and will read it when I get more time. Thanks for the link. I'm glad the problem was taken care of.

Don't forget your water bottle!

Melora said...

I think your steps look Terrific! That is a dickens of a job, and especially in the heat. I felt pretty woozly myself on Sunday after shoveling mulch mid-afternoon, and that isn't nearly as heavy work as you are doing! That calls for a Big bottle of water.

steph said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by our blog! I need to update (my mom thinks so, too, and reminds me every few days! Heh.)

The blue and black is my "Mommy" uniform. I wear jeans and a nicer T-shirt if we actually leave the house...I'm quite the peacock (more of a peahen, then, right?)

Anyway, funny thing happened on the way to building stone steps (they look amazing, by the way)! Even with the faint possibility that we may be moving (I hope not, but I'd go anywhere if it meant Brent had a job he liked and felt good doing), we finally got tired of the eye-sore erosion on our hill, too, and are doing a similar project in our yard. Gigi has fun riding in the wheelbarrow to our collection spot and then helping gather rocks! She's a bit young to understand how old they are yet, though, but I think it's pretty cool! Learning moment for Mommy! I really hope I get to homeschool the girls.

I, too, hope there are more installments! Oh, and I try to remember how fast they grow and how soon they'll be off doing their own thing whenever things get really hard with them...