Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hanging Out in Bed

One of our errands yesterday was to pick up a Site-to-Store order for N. at Walmart.

N.'s bedroom, though cozy, was a little too dark with the blue curtains and valences we had gotten last year. Also, his comforter was a little small for the bed and was getting rather raggedy because during the cold weather, N. liked to show up to breakfast draped in it, with Lily pulling on the corner like a page!

We couldn't find a comforter set we liked locally, but we found one on line and had it shipped for free to a local store. So we picked it up yesterday and found curtains that complimented it at the store.

The curtains are khaki material--called Navy/Vanilla--with smaller red, gold and khaki stripes. They are brighter than the plain light blue curtains, and they are tab top, so there is no need for valences. This brightens up the room considerably. N. says that they look more "rugged" and "masculine," than the gathered curtains and valences did. Maybe he has career in interior design ahead of him, should he ever get tired of naturalist and tracking vocations.

The comforter is the same material, and I ordered a Full/Queen, which is bigger than a Full size, so that it can be tucked in under the mattress. This keeps it on at night and also N. likes the tight wrapped feeling. It has the red, blue and khaki colors that are in the curtains.

N. and Lily are still hanging out in bed this morning, enjoying the new comforter.

N. says: "It's very comfortable! I guess that's why it's called a comforter.

He also learned that our friend Megan in Australia and her Boy call it a "Doona."

I think we're in for a laid-back day.

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Melora said...

Hope it was a good day. That Is a nice, masculine looking comforter.