Friday, July 13, 2007

Geeking Out, R3D3, & Why Prep Takes So Long

Some people geek out on Star Trek, Star Wars, or computers. Some geek-out on Harry Potter, science fiction, or even subway schedules.

But my beloved husband gets the geek-gleam in his eye over tools and DIY equipment.
And he has to have just the right thing to do the right job--perfectly.

Which is why, six days past FLOORING--THE BEGINNING, we are still in the preparation stage. I took the above pictue last night. You can see that in the dining room, the carpet is finally out, and the carpet is rolled up under the window. And why did it take from Sunday until yesterday to get this far? Bruce needed just the right tool to get up the carpet tack-strips. And he was just waiting until he could get to Harbor Freight.


But as you can see in the picture to the left, the carpet is completely out of the hallways as of today. It's amazing what a geek can do with the perfect tool.

Yesterday, I finally moved the dining chairs that were stacked on top of each other from the living room. I also removed the basedboards that had been removed. They were marked with mysterious marking on the back in indelible ink. Markings like: "OFF 2 W" (office, 2 west) and "LR 3 NE." I put them in the garage, in one stack, on the other side of the table in the middle. The one we use to hold all sorts of stuff that would probably be rejected by Good Will. Then I straightened up the living room and vacuumed the only carpeting left in the main areas of the house (other than bedrooms).

I just wanted to have one place to sit where things looked (relatively) normal.

When Bruce got home from work and looked at the living room, a worried furrow appeared in his brow. "Where's the baseboard?"

"I put it in the garage," I said. "Zoey nearly punctured her paw when she stepped on one."

"H-h-how'd you move them?" He asked.
Me: "I carried them into the garage one at a time."
Bruce: "But did you vacuum them first?"
Me: "Huh?"
Bruce, starting to breath rapidly: "Well..where'd you put them?"
Me: "By the table."
Bruce, hyperventilating: "But did you use my system?"
Me, with weary patience: "What system, honey?"
Bruce: "D-d-d-did you stack them according to room and direction and number?"
Me; "Huh?"

You get the picture.

So today I went to town to go to the bakery for Challah--it's too hot to bake. I even had a breakfast burrito for lunch, giving Bruce and much time alone with the prep as possible.

When I got home, Bruce had re-stacked the flooring boxes and removed the carpet in the hallways.

While I put the Challah and groceries away, Bruce swept the halls--twice. Then he re-swept the dining room. With a broom!

While I vacuumed the kitchen and dining room, he re-swept the halls.
I thought I'd be helpful and vacuumed the dining room edges. You know, where the baseboards and floor meet, if the baseboards are on. Which they are not. I looked up to see Bruce looking at me, brow furrowed again.

Bruce: I'll just get R3D3."
Me: "Huh?"
Bruce: "You should use R3D3 to get the job done right."
Me: "Is R3D3 related to R2D2?"
Bruce, pulling the gynormous shop-vac into the house: "...Come on, R3..."

Of course, he re-did the dining room with R3D3.
He is now getting R3D3 to help out with the hallways.

I thought they looked pretty spiffy in the picture above.
But apparently not spiffy enough.

The Beam Central Vac is not the right tool for the job.
To get it perfectly spiffy you need...

[Dum, dum, dum-de da-dum da-dum (Star Wars theme)]


I'll let him get it perfect for at least 30 more minutes. Then I'll tell Bruce "Skywalker" that it's time to have a bath for Shabbat.
Han Solo is coming to dinner. With the Wookie.


Amie said...

Looks like fun! You guys are working so hard.

Dh and I have not tackled any major home improvements (his dad usually comes down once a year and does stuff). Makes me wonder how we would work together :D

steph said...

Star Wars theme music reminds me of my wedding. No, seriously. We played the Darth Vader theme music to announce our arrival into the reception area. It was supposed to be silly, representative of us, and our best man/matron of honor (a married couple and also Star Wars fans) were about the only people in the room who didn't look either disapproving or askance at us. It's one of my best memories (we even have a picture of our faces just at the moment when the music started.) Thanks for the trip down not-so-distant-memory lane!

Looking forward to the continuing story of the household transformation! Oh, and what a light show this evening!!!

Rebecca said...

Your story reminded me of my dh's rule of thumb for any home improvement or building project: you must design the project in such a way as to justify the purchase of a new power tool!

Melora said...

Gracious! Your Bruce is kind of a perfectionist, eh?

Judy Aron said...

My dh spent the day sanding the front porch decking so we could stain it - we just finished staining the railings last weekend. After sanding all day I drew the poor dear a hot bath with epsom salts and lavender.. it isn't easy being an over 50 DIY'er.
Gotta love 'em though he saved us a bundle of dough.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

You know, despite the muss and fuss, it IS fun!

We are still in prep phase, as Bruce is shortening the door frames to accomodate the flooring.
R3 is helping with that as well! And we got to use a "chalk-string" tool to mark where the first planks will go. I didn't even know such a tool existed. Silly me!

Steph-- I can just hear the Darth Bader theme being played at your wedding! I would have loved it! When the first (now the 4th) Star Wars came out, I imagined that I'd have the Awards Ceremony theme played as I came down the aisle. Didn't do it, but it was fun to think about!

Rebecca--I think Bruce knows and adheres to the same rule. He has made out in spades this time, because he has gotten several new tools.

Melora: Oh, yes! The hard part for me is that everything takes so darn long. The good part is that everything is done really well.

Judy: Since we installed the jetted "spa" tub for two, relaxing after hard work has indeed taken on new--and romantic--meaning!

denise said...

Ahh, I have one of those at home too. His name is Brice. ;)

Frankie said...

Can you loan out your husband? I've got some projects around here that mine started years ago....

(And our baseboard is still in the garage, years later)


Looks great, though! I'm anxious to see the end results.