Saturday, July 28, 2007

The New Camera

Most of the pictures I have been posting here on my blog in the past three and a half weeks have been taken on my new camera.

The whole process of actually getting the camera has been quite an adventure. I started on May 25th, believe it or not. I was looking for a Kodak Easy Share Camera with a 12X zoom. I found one for a good price ar Dell and ordered it. I thought it would come in 10 days.

By the end of June, it had been backordered 10X and I was becoming a disillusioned customer, especially after they cancelled the order finally, without one e-mail to let me know what was going on. Then there was the process of phoning them up! I had to talk to India. After several misunderstandings and getting hung-up on (accidentally? on purposely?), I finally talked to a real life person who seemed to understand what was going on.

Well, talked is not the word. I was so frustrated that I am afraid I screamed at "Patrick" (the name is in quotes because if he was Irish, I am from Mars). I threatened to never, ever do business with Dell again unless a camera was in my hands in 48 hours. So Patrick arranged to sell me a Sony Cyber-shot with a Zeiss lens and 15X zoom at a considerable discount and send it to me by overnight shipping for free. I took the deal. Then he even called to make sure I got the camera on time. I did. So here a some of the wonderful pictures I have been taking as I have played with the features of the new camera:

This was taken from the top of Via Sedillo, looking down into the Sedillo Spur development.
The horses in the foreground were at least a mile away.
I was playing with my new, powerful zoom!

This one was also taken from the top of Via Sedillo.

I was trying to catch the white and purple clouds, as well as the shadow in valley in the foreground and sunlight beyond. The shadow is of the very hill I was standing on.

There is a small "ghost" from a rain-drop on the bottom left, but otherwise, a nice picture. You can almost see the needles on the pinyon pine in the foreground.

This picture is of a very large butterfly that was feeding on the New Mexico Lilac in the door garden. I used the zoom to get up close and personal.

I was crouched down under the branch, aiming up to get the beautiful outstrethed wings.

This one is of misty sunlight in the meadow on the first morning I had the camera. You can see the mist hugging the Sandias in the background and there is also just a hint of mist over the trees across the meadow on the right side of the picture.

Finally, a sunset.
I was playing with the twilight feature on this new camera, and took a number of pictures of a spectacular sunset earlier this month.
I like the trees and hills sillouetted in the foreground, with the slightly lighter Sandia Mountains in the background, and the goldn, pink and purple clouds in the sky.
I guess it was worth the wait. And talking to India. It is a fine camera. And I will enjoy it more and more as I learn how to use all of its various and sundry features.


Megan over at Imaginif Down Under said...

I've got a Sony Cybershot E and it is the best camera I've had.
I love the stable function it has because I am prone to shaking when I am trying to be still!!!!!!
We get fantastic pool shots. The camera captures the drops of water on the kids face, hands, etc, making it very personal and interactive without the photographer getting splashed!!!
It's dreadful that it took so long for this to be sorted but I hope you are going to have a love affair with your Cybershot.

denise said...


I have been putting off a new digital camera for a bit (since mine works fine, but is just several years old). But we have been looking around and comparing technologies and specifications. Nice to know what you are shooting with! :)

Melora said...

Looks like you ended up with a really good camera!
My favorite is the butterfly, followed closely by the trees with the ghostly water drop. Oh, and I love the bottom one too! Beautiful pictures.