Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Carnival of Homeschooling 124: Didn't Make the Deadline, but...

...I might still have time to read a few entries.

It's up over at Mom Is Teaching (wearing our pajamas to class).

There is no theme, but whenever I think of Mom Teaching, I always imagine the little guys poring over American History and Algebra in robes and slippers.

It gives me a warm, fuzzy sort of feeling.

And that's something I need right now.

I like the very idea of pajamas.

I'm counting down. Two more days...about 50 hours...

There are two more days of "Distance Training" for the IRD job.

It's been intense but interesting. More on that later...

And my multiple choice final (Oy!) for Child Psychopathology is Thursday evening at 7:45.

I imagine that I will be done with that by 8:30, thus the 50 hours estimate.

Of course, I'm not really done.

Sunday I start IRD "In Person Training." In Chicago.

There'll be five days of that, and then I am catching the train down to McClean County to visit relatives over Memorial Day Weekend.

The Engineering Geek, N., and the CGP have some fun planned while I am gone.

"While the cat's away..." they say, grinning wickedly when I ask what their plans are.

Too bad the cat has to work!

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