Saturday, May 17, 2008

From ABQ to ORD via DFW: Travel Day

Today was a flying day.
I am not really fond of flying anymore--or better put, I am not really very fond of the rigamarole with TSA, luggage limits, and so forth.
When the plane is in the air and I am next to the window, it's all okay.

Today, after packing and loading the car, the Engineering Geek and N. drove me into Albuquerque. Today was a little cloudier, and there was no snow that low on the Sandias,
but this photo from the ABQ website shows you why I love New Mexico.

After having Italian for lunch with the CGP and her boyfriend, my guys took me to the Sunport.

I really did not want to leave home.
I have not recovered from paper writing, IRD distance training, and that multiple choice final in Child Psychopathology--though I think I did well on that! And now I was on my way to Chicago for five intense days of In-Person Training.

But we parked--Parked!--Bruce actually paid so that N. could "take Mom into the Sunport and see her off."

Five hours later, after transfering at DWF (Dallas-Fort Worth), I landed at ORD (Chicago O'Hare International), which is one of the truly great airport buildings in the world. (Not quite Orly, but stately and modern nevertheless).

My ears are clogged despite my attempt to stave it off by cosumption of (real) Pseudophed twice during the journey.

It was raining and dark when we landed in Chicao, but maybe tomorrow, I will see the city looking more like this:

Sunny and shadowy. But I doubt it.
I have heard about rain and more rain for this week.

We'll see! But now, I must to bed. It doesn't feel like 12:20 AM on Sunday morning. But the clock says it is.
Of course, that's CDT, whereas my body in on MDT.

But I doubt that the Institute of Reading Development is going to run an hour earlier just to please me.

Tomorrow is a busy day, so nighty-night.
"Sleepy tight...and all that jazz!" as CGP used to say!

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