Thursday, May 29, 2008

; Tohu V'Bohu: Sometimes Chaos is Good

At the beginning of B'reshit (known to the Western World as Genesis), it is written:

"V'ha-aretz haita tohu v'bohu.
The earth was in chaos."
If you prefer King James--which is translated to masterful English--we read "the earth was unformed and void." It was the creative power of the Eternal that "moved across the waters" and brought cosmos out of that chaos. And ever since, human beings--especially female ones--have been laboring to do the same.

That seems to be my task this week.

While I was gone, the Engineering Geek took a week's vacation and installed the Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring in my office.

He was very good. He disturbed my things as little as possible by simply moving them as they were to other places for the duration.
Now it's my job to transform my office to make it a workable space by this weekend.

On Tuesday evening, we put the dedicated canine daybed back together and in place.
We also put the desk back, and hooked up the computer and speaker phone.
That got me ready for the last day of Distance Training for IRD.

The office was looking pretty good.
Spare and clean.
Too bad there were still books, binders, papers that need to be shredded, and all the accountrements of modern living to be brought in. But it still looked doable. Even with the 6 boxes of supplies helpfully dropped off on our doorstep from IRD.

I got some more stuff into my office on Wednesday morning, since I had started some of the IRD reading and lesson plan study the night before. It was still looking good.

But 45 minutes before I had to leave to take N. to Taekwondo Belt Testing, Fed Ex pulled up. The friendly Fed Ex man got out his dolly. Oh.
Nine more boxes that had to be opened and inventoried right away covered the new floor in my office. And it's a good thing I did not delay! I needed to inform the IRD shipping contingent that I needed more copies of The Fellowship of the Ring and some Level 6 packets, as numbers for that course had gone up dramatically. Those folks were already on it, though, and had already arranged for another shipment.

Here is the state of my office this morning.

It's kind of exciting to be getting the actual teaching materials for my summer's work.
But I'd like one more day to get the office in order so that I can then focus on teaching prep.

And I am not a chaos sort of person.
Order is my specialty.
Which is why I am forever working against entropy to bring order out of chaos.

So I must remind myself that sometimes chaos is good. It is the ground of being creative.
And creativity is one of the aspects of divinity endowed to humanity.

I do intend to post about summer plans and exciting changes coming our way in the next few months. After I do the work at hand.
Such as getting the office together so that I can think in here.
And getting a work routine down so that I can focus on the meta aspects of teaching.

And, quoting from B'reshit again, it is:
"Tov meod."
Very good.

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Amie said...

The floor looks beautiful!

That's a lot of boxes! Looks like a lot of work.