Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Training: Chicago, My Kind of Town

Nearly Wordless Wednesday
Travel Edition

It was a beautiful day today in Chicago.
So after training, some of us did the town.

The pictures here are from the internet.
Yes, I brought the camera.
Yes, I forgot the memory stick needed to transfer pictures from the chip in the camera to the computer.

Chicago is truly a beautiful city.
And Navy Pier contributes to it's

Navy Pier is Chicago's amusement park.
When we were at Fermilab in the 80's
we'd head to Navy Pier for
'A Taste of Chicago" in the summer.

This is the Sears Tower, now the third tallest building in the world. I remember going up on the skydeck.
I have no idea if it is open to tourists.
It was not when we were here in 2004.

Training is over tomorrow, and immediately after, I will be heading down to to Union Station from the North River IRD office to catch a train to Normal-Bloomington to visit family.
I am looking forward to a weekend of reading and visiting.

I also have arranged to meet Susan from Corn and Oil.
It ought to be a good weekend.

On Monday, I will take Peoria Charter back up to O'Hare for the flight home.
Don't worry, I'll write.
Next week.


Kaber said...

Regarding your comment - He actually plays the reg D-Day game part the most, but has the Pacific Add Ons. I'm awful at History. We watch the History Channel D Day stuff and have some school age books about the war (Usborne I think). We'll have to study a bit more in depth about the war next school year. (we're done for now, all learning will be whatever comes us while having fun).
**I'll read this entry this evening. I'm just doing a quick email check before we head out to the park...

Kaber said...

when we went to the Sears Tower, it was rainy and foggy. we went up anyway, but couldn't see anything out of the windows.

Amie said...

I tried to comment on your blog the other day, but couldn't...hopefully this one will work.

Chicago looks like fun! I've been near Chicago a few times, but never actually went TO Chicago.