Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carnival of Homeschooling 129: Let's Go to the Movies

Actually, we went last week. It was our first theater experience in a long while.
We saw Ironman, and we really enjoyed it.
Even if the Engineering Geek has a certain propensity to talk in sci-fi/fantasy.
He says things like: "That can't happen!" and "Holly-weird!"
We respond (sotto-voce) with: "Shhhh!" and "Remember: Willing suspension of disbelief!"

This week, the COH, up over at Apollos Academy, is going to the movies!

So, take a virtual trip to your local homeschooling theater.

See what Homeschoolers are saying about...well, nearly everything.

Silence your cell phones.

Shhhh! Remember not to talk!

Oh, and pass the popcorn please.

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