Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stressed Out Nation: Hold My Calls, I'm on the Porch

I am writing my four hundredth (400th!) post from the front porch.

Yesterday, I read a post by Ernie at Deliberate Wanderer while I was rocking away in my big green Adirondack rocker here on the porch. It was about the Slow Movement that has started in this country in response to the incredible levels of activity and stress. You can read Ernie's post for more details, but from my porch, I was amused at the idea that CNN is calling for government intervention for our stressed out nation.

From where I stand...er, rather from where I sit (rocking), this doesn't seem to be a big deal. Everybody can just spend more time on the porch this summer! It's slow...and economical.

One of the attractive things about this house was that it has a nice, territorial style front porch. It is perfectly situated to catch the morning sun and the afternoon shade.

I can sit out here and listen to the wind blow through the pines, smell the pitch and the hot sun on sweet clover and purple sage. The birds wake me in the morning, cheering up the beginning of the day, and in the afternoon the insects humming provide a soothing background just right to a short nap in the afternoon heat....

...Oops, I nodded off there for a second.

In the summer, I sit out here and surf the blogosphere, checking in on friends old and new.

Beside Ernie's blog, here are some interesting ones I saw yesterday from my perch on the porch.

Doc is wondering about homeschooling regrets as her kids move into adult life.

The Common Room has a happy announcement. Sigh. I just love romance and love in bloom in the early summer... Mom in Madison shared their contrasting day of morning walk and stormy afternoon.Rational Jenn is expecting a new baby--can you guess his birthweight?-- in a few weeks, and Amie's baby girl (Boy Story...And Beyond) is now over a year old and wearing pigtails! Over at News from Hawkhill Acres, Lill has had some really funny situations involving Mercury (the planet and the element). Magpie Ima is preparing for her son's Bar Mitzvah by hiring some cleaning help--the big day is this Saturday, and Kaber is sharing her move from Ohio to California over at All About My Boys.

From the world of politics, homeschool and general, Susan has some Tidbits to share over at Corn and Oil, and Judy Aaron discusses election welfare over at Consent of the Governed.

Yesterday I read some entries in the Objectivist Round-Up, including Dan Edge's post --see my post The Value of Liberty for a link to Dan. (And no, I can't post at Objectivist Roundup, but I like to read it). Today I read posts at the Carnival of Homeschooling. I was planning to have an entry, but I forgot to actually send it in!

Also, if you like to listen to the radio while rocking away on the front porch, there is a new homeschooling talk show coming out. You can catch the details over at Principled Discovery.

So I have been having fun here on my porch.

It was so good of Sandy over at Junkfood Science to reassure me that the myth of the sloth has been slayed again...

Now I can rock in my chair in peace, relaxing with no help from the government at all.

(In fact, I think it would be kind of hard to relax with government help...)

I wonder if lowering my property taxes since I have a front porch to relax on could somehow qualify as government intervention for the stressed-out nation?

Naw! It's too cheap and effective to qualify as a legitimate government program.

More's the pity!


Dana said...

Hey, it's a mini-carnival! I'll have to come back when my kids aren't thinking that maybe I should feed them. :)

Amie said...

I would love to have a nice porch! I do have a swing in the yard, but nice big shaded porches are lovely.

Oh, you linked to a blog that I forgot about since the bookmark was on my laptop! Thanks for the reminder!

Susan said...

Good show from your porch; scenery and links! Thanks for the plug. It's weird, but I'm always a little startled to be consistently put in the politics category. Denial, I suppose. ;-)

We are still barren of planted soybeans. Very wet, but the garden doesn't need watering. hooray

~L~ said...

Again you make me want a laptop.

I love my porch. But there is no blogginating out there.

Your home is lovely!

momof3feistykids said...

Perhaps you should write a formal proposal and submit it to your local government. Maybe you'll start a trend. :-) I'm off to check out all your links.