Monday, March 9, 2009

Chag Purim!

It's Purim, and when this post posts, because it was post-dated --or should we say post-houred--we will be off to the Chabad of New Mexico drowning out the name of that evil Haman, as we read the Megillat Esther.

Some of us will drown our sorrows until we cannot tell the difference between a Bailout and a Stimulus . . . oops, I mean the difference between "Bless Mordechai" and "Curse Haman."

And the Purim Shpiels will help us laugh at the economy. This one makes as much sense as most of the economic advice we get today. Just remember that "gornisht" means "nothing"!



Silent_Majority said...

Thank you for responding to me so quickly. I align myself with conservatives because they are the most palatable. I also have a great problem with some of the agenda especially of the "main stream" conservatives. The values espoused by Glenn pretty much cover what I believe. This is a good link to the webring if you are interested Thanks again.

Amie said...

I saw Purim on our calendar and thought of you.

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Thanks, Amie! People have been in a weird mood about Purim this year. The only year that was even more strange was the year the the first Gulf War ended on Purim!