Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Common Sense Round-Up and Thomas Paine Reincarnated

Our fearless leaders over at Congress think we are incredibly low I.Q. or else infinitely distractible. They want us to believe that they are now suddenly upset by the bonuses they knew about months ago. They are asking us not to pay attention to that man behind the curtain in order to begin ex post facto taxing of specific groups of people as punishment. For more on why the AIG Bonus Scandal is a distraction:

Of course, once Congress begins excise taxing as a weapon in the class war, the Rule of Law will be history. They can then tax any group anytime they want as much as they want for whatever reason they want. It brings a whole new meaning to the idea of taxation without representation.

Make your blood boil? Well, there's more!

Congress recently went on a crusade to make the world safe for Chinese imported toys with lead in them by wiping out the American competition with the new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, which among other things, means a ban on buying, selling or lending out children's books published before 1985. And now, there's a new law proposed that will make those home grown tomatoes illegal.

For more on CPSIA:

  • Check out Lavender Blue, Dilly, Dilly from the Common Room, and while you're there check out all their CPSIA stories. The Headmistress has been following this one for a long while!

For information on the proposed new food bill:

Sigh. As Will Rogers said, "No one's life, liberty or property is safe as long as Congress is in session."
We are clearly at the mercy of a federal government that is out of control.

We are being spent, taxed and regulated into oblivion. This is tyranny. Consider Edward Cline's blog entry on The New Intolerable Acts at the Rule of Reason. The patriots of 1773 did band together to oppose what they also called the coervice acts. They understood that they were being prepared to become a nation of indentured servants.They acted with reason and on principle to secure the blessings of liberty for themselves and their children. We are being molded into tax slaves. The debt that is being racked up now to secure the power and privilege of our legislators will drive our country into ruin and enslave our children and grandchildren. In the end, it will not work. The United States will be both bankrupt and a tyranny.

We've got to take our country back. There's a guy on You Tube who dresses like Thomas Paine, and sounds like him, too. I agree with his outline of the problem in his video, as he talks about our "unrepresentative representatives."

DISCLAIMER: There are several of TP2's solutions that I vehemently oppose, such as the violation of liberty that is compulsory service. Nevertheless, his statement of the problem is right on!

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Judy Aron said...

Oh man with all these issues swirling around I feel like we are all playing a hearty game of Whack-a-Mole. That is also by intention.