Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last Snowstorm of the Winter?


Astronomical spring for the northern hemisphere begins this coming Friday morning. Since the temperature these past few days has been in 50's and a high parked over the Four Corners is giving us guarranteed sunshine, last weekend's snowstorm was probably the last official snowstorm of the winter.

It was a wet, heavy snow that began falling Friday morning, just as we got up to get the day underway.

The roads were wet and slushy as I drove into Albuquerque to hear Temple Grandin speak.
This late winter snowstorm brought great beauty, and no inconvenience.

Here, the woods are full of the music of treble drips overlying a deep silence in the Friday evening gloaming.

Athough our Shy Shayna is afraid of many things, we found that she likes the snow!

She puts her nose down into it and tosses it joyfully into the air!

The Engineering Geek and Lily make their way through the trees at the edge of the high meadow.

We made our walk extra long through the woods, for this may be the last time this year that we see the branches laden with snow.

Sunday morning, and the remnants of the storm spill down the eastern side of the Sandia fault block. Overhead, ragged clouds scurry to the east, and the winds promise blue skies in the offing.

Sandia Crest is swathed in cloud, and the mountain tops are frosted in white.
Cold and clearing on Sunday morning, and by afternoon, it was warm and sunny.
Every day is uniquely perfect, here in G-d's country!