Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Break Ending, Spring Break Beginning

This is one of the annoyances about having the Boychick attend school.
My spring break is ending on Sunday, and his is beginning on Saturday.
This means that we can share exactly two days of Spring Break. And they are the weekend days that we would share anyway.
Now you would think that the schools and the university could coordinate these things.
Ah, vain wish! Bureaucracies at any level are incapable of effective communication.
They are even less capable at making common-sensical decisions.

Oh, alright. It is a minor annoyance. After all, we weren't planning on going to Arizona anyway. At least, not as a family. I always do the bulk of my spring cleaning over my spring break.

(This week I spent most of my time in the kitchen, either on a ladder or on my knees, peering into hard-to-reach cabinets. And congratulating myself on throwing out giving away all of those strange and extraneous kitchen gagets last year.
(Note: In the interest of full disclosure I must say that the Engineering Geek and I DO NOT agree about the extraneous nature of those kitchen oddities. One of us is also deluded about what really happened to them).

Anyway, one of us is going to Arizona. The Boychick is going with his scout troop for a jamboree (or is it camporee?--in the girl scouts we just called them trips) in Arizona that will include the chance to do archery at a top-notch range. Today, on the way to Taekwondo, we stopped at Ye Olde Archery Shoppe (not its real name) to get some gold-tip arrows and a bow-case for the Boychick's compound bow. He is also taking the Recurve, but the troop has invested in arrows for that.

Today, when I went to tutor a student in Algebra II (we had a wonderful time playing with imaginary numbers), the Boychick's Special Education case manager asked me for tips that she could give another parent on how to successfully keep a kiddo from frying his brain on the computer 24/7. At first I said that I didn't have any; the Boychick has a variety of interests. And then I realized that that is the trick. While some of his peers at school will spend spring break huddled over glowing screens in dark rooms, pale from lack of sunshine, the Boychick will be in Arizona, helping research Siguaro Cacti, shooting at the archery range, and taking in a Cardinals game. He isn't even taking his I-Pod.

Not bad for an Aspie.

The only thing he says he will miss is the Guild.
It's over at Pimentel, anyway. But that's another story.

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~L~ said...

This is *almost* like a homeschooling entry...sort of? LOL

Sorry your spring breaks didn't mesh but I love what you are doing with the time!