Thursday, December 3, 2009

Somewhat Wordless Snow Day!

Yesterday I did not post a nearly wordless Wednesday.

I had words and only words to post, and completely forgot it was Wednesday.

This morning, however Mother Nature--with the help of El Nino--did just that.

It began snowing right when I took Umbre out for his early morning constitutional.

It was 14 degrees (F) and the snow began.
Our 1 - 3 inches turned into 6 - 8 inches and it snowed steadily until nearly 4 PM.
I didn't know it could snow much at such low temperatures.

The view from the dining room window.

Apparently, it is time to put away the autumn decorations and take out the winter things.

The Menorah can stay. Hannukah begins next Friday, the day before the Chem Geek Princess's Wedding.

Umbre loves snow!
He tunnels in it, he digs it, he snuffs his nose into it, and even eats it.

The little guy is just full of himself!

Umbre was the only one going anywhere today.
Henry, the Big Red Truck, did not get so much as a warm up or a good scraping today.

Although his school was in session, I wasn't going to take the Boychick until I saw a snowplow.

We did not see one until well after East Mountain threw in the towel and closed early.

Nearly sunset, and the sky cleared.

But the temperature also began to drop precipitously from our daytime high of 14 degrees. By sunset we experienced single digits.

Now the temp is heading across the zero point and into negative numbers.

And the sky is clouding up again as the wind shifts. Could it really snow when its that cold?

They say it might. I'll believe it when I see it!


Tammy B. said...

What a wonderful description of our day yesterday! Great pics too. I didn't get my car cleared either, and am going out shortly to see if I can get it ok enough to take Sully to the vet. Love your puppy pic!

Retriever said...

Wow! What gorgeous pictures. I LOVE your pup! So strange to think of you in those conditions. It was 70 degrees or so that day here. Now back down to 30s, more typical. Flooding from the excessive rain (the fallen leaves fill the storm drains and clog the outlet from the tidal pond, which gets higher and higher and turns the back yard into a rice paddy lookalike...Our Shepherd-Huskie adores snow and LOATHES rain.