Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Glacier Advancing

Nearly Wordless Wednesday
The nearly 11 inches of snow we got between Wednesday night March 5 and Friday morning March 7 produced quite a load on our 'New Mexico Farmhouse' style metal roof.
As the sun warmed the roof on Friday, the snowpack began to creep down and curl over the eaves.

Here is the "Kitchen Dooryard Glacier" on Friday morning.
The icicle stalactites are curved toward the house wall, not due to wind, but due to the movement of the snowpack above around the eave of the house.

Here is the same 'Kitchen Dooryard Glacier' Friday near sunset. It has crept down further, and some new, straight icicles have formed from the snowmelt.

The setting sun has given the snow load a golden tinge.

This is the 'Master Bedroom Corner Glacier' on Friday morning.

It has already crept out over the eave, and has a fierce ice-age look about it. Above and to the right, you can see the heavy snow load in the pine needles. It took more than twenty-four hours for the trees to shake off the snow.

Here is the 'Master Bedroom Corner Glacier' on Friday near sunset. As it crept down with the warming of the roof,
it also curled inward.

It fell with a mighty crash on Saturday morning.

We had avoided walking under it. We do have some common sense!

"Doomed! Doomed, I tell you!" --Snoopy

This monster icicle, photographed on Friday at sunset, formed at the corner of the eaves right by the kitchen door. Icicles like these, have formed 'glaciers' right outside the kitchen door all winter.

This one did the same on Saturday, but with the coming of warmer weather Monday, the latest "Kitchen Door Glacier" has gone the way of all flesh.

We are crossing our fingers, hoping that this was the last of its kind, until next winter.

Yesterday it warmed up to 55 degrees here! Today, it should be even warmer.
Can we hope? It's early yet for our elevation, but it's possible that we have seen the last of the glaciers.


Melora said...

Your icicles are Gorgeous! I especially love the ones with the golden glow.

Barbara Frank said...

What great photos! There was a giant snow overhang at the storage unit where we keep our stuff, but it didn't have all those cool icicles on it.

Amie said...

Those are the coolest pics!

denise said...

WOW! Those are funky looking ice tendrils. Very cool.

~L~ said...

That is EXTREMELY cool. I am so glad you took pix of this; the slow, commonplace beauty of our everyday life can be fascinating to other folks. This is such a treat.