Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Carnival of Homeschooling 135: Boy Scouts of America

Today is 101st anniversary of the Boy Scouts. In the United States, scouting started a little later, and will be celebrating it's 100th anniversary soon.

We are a scouting family and Boychick (a.k.a. N.) is our current scout, and he is ambitious: he wants Order of the Arrow and to be an Eagle Scout.

He has continued in his Boy Scout troop here since his bridging ceremony from Cub Scouts--where he earned the Arrow of Light award.

Over at Consent of the Governed, Judy Aron is celebrating Boy Scouts in her Carnival of Homeschooling post for this week.

There are many ways that homeschooling is similar to scouting. We all want to raise and educate our children to be prepared for the future, and we want them to develop the discipline to work hard in order to meet their goals in life. For some homeschoolers, scouting is part of the curriculum. It has been for us, and it has served us well. Other homeschoolers participate in 4-H, or Campfire programs. I am sure that there are many more such programs designed to meet the unique needs of homeschoolers. We are such a diverse group.

NOTE: Thanks to the blogger who nominated Ragamuffin Studies for Alesandra's Homeschool Blog Awards! I am truly honored.

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